The GDO takes care of promotion and circulation of the Live Performance Culture and of Dance, specifically, in Italy and abroad, scope that has been realized by activities such as the production and distribution of dance performances, as well as research, projecting and training of new talents, workshops and laboratory activities, planning and realization of cultural events. Everything with a deep attention in respect of the social relapse and creation of projects answering to the scope itself.

The G.D.O. (Gruppo Danza Oggi) is a no profit Cultural Association established in 1978 by Patrizia Salvatori, who is still its artistic director and decides about its choices, cultural lines and objectives.

The GDO is a structure proud of its enterprise stability, operational quality, transparency and efficient management, steady artistic direction and strength of programming.

Annually at least 50 performances are staged in Italy or abroad (Europe, USA, Russia, Brazil, Thailand, South Korea, etc.) that audiences appreciate and applaud to for the high standard of dancers and the choreographic innovation.

The GDO works with the support of the "Ministry of the Cultural Assets and Activities - Head office for the Live Performance", is in an artistic residency in the Municipality of Corinaldo, is a member of Federculture, Consorzio Marche Spettacolo and is a CID Unesco Member, collaborates with several Partners listed in the corresponding section of the site

The GDO's outstanding members are :

Patrizia Salvatori Laura Tegliai Ivana Cibin